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Electric Jazz Scott Kinsey is an improviser and music conceptualist. A musician’s musician known for being perhaps one of the most unique and original improvising jazz synthesists of his or maybe even any generation.

From the small town of Owosso Michigan, Scott graduated with a Bachelors of Music degree in Piano Performance from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 1991. He was fortunate to study with some many of the great Berklee legends such as Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi, Herb Pomeroy, Ray Santisi and many others.

From age 21 until 43 (1991 – 2013) Scott toured the world and made records with the acclaimed electric jazz group “Tribal Tech” (founded by Scott Henderson and Gary Willis), widely considered to be one of the greatest jazz fusion bands of all time. The band’s 2012 release “X” is considered by many to be the band’s finest achievement, both musically and sonically.

Always moving forward, Scott’s new cd “Near Life Experience” is now completed and will be released June 17th, 2016 on Abstract Logix in the US and Inpartmaint in Japan.
The phenomenal new cd features the incomparable Steve Tavaglione (sax), Matthew Garrsion (bass), Michael Landau (guitar), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Perc/Voice), Lalah Hathaway (best vocalist ever), Gary Novak and Cyril Atef (drums) along a special double drum feature “Kingpin” which has Kirk Covington and Danny Carey battling it out Volto! style. These and many other incredible artists all come together to complete Scott’s vision of what creative “no category” music can be.
Near Life Experience is a multi year production, literally taking place all over the world, capturing perfectly the diverse sounds and vibes, all the way from Morocco to Los Angeles and everywhere else in between, all filtered through Scott’s vivid imagination.
Worth the wait for anyone looking for something that’s truly fun and different, multi-dimensional and exciting!

Lot’s of new music currently in the works!
Scott is currently finishing production on the debut CD of “Forward” featuring the incredible bassist/vocalist from Bombay, Naina Kundu.
Other featured artists on the cd include Seamus Blake, Louis Cole (Knower), Cyril Atef, Kirk Covington (Tribal Tech) and Steve Tavaglione (just about every film score you’ve ever heard).
Here is Forward playing their take on the beautiful Justin Bieber/Skrilix song: “Where are ü now?”

Superconductor! The fantastic new album by arguably the finest jazz saxophonist on the scene today, Seamus Blake. The CD was released January 2016 on 5Passion records. The album is a work of art and features John Scofield, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Matthew Garrison and many other first rate musicians. Recorded at Avatar Studios in New York city, Scott also Mixed and Mastered the high resolution recordings at his studio in Encino, California.

Other new music includes the new release “Larger Than Life” featuring Gary Willis, Gergo Borlai and Steve Tavaglione on Abstract Logix. Scott’s original approach to keyboard playing, harmony, improvisation and composition give the CD a very original and state of the art sound.
For adventurous music lovers only!

Scott is the Musical director of the Zawinul Legacy Band founded by Joe’s eldest son, Tony Zawinul.
Kinsey was the singular protégé of the late great jazz keyboard pioneer Joe Zawinul. Easily the greatest and most important keyboard player, composer, music conceptualizers – in the history of jazz.
Scott respectfully tips the hat at and Zawinul’s musical world, without ever simply becoming a clone or a caricature. A tall order, but something Joe recognized Scott was uniquely capable of, and often made a point to acknowledge.
Further, Joe personally requested that in his absence, Scott is the only one he would trust to carry on his musical legacy both on stage and in any potential future recorded releases of his music. Humbling to say the least.
The band has already featured the likes of Gergo Borlai, Alphonso Johnson, Chester Thompson, Nathaniel Townsley, Bobby Thomas Jr, Hadrien Feraud among many others, many of whom had previously worked with Joe.
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Start there! The Zawinul Legacy Band’s debut performance in the USA was at Carnegie Hall, March 2014.

As a versatile musician who can play with almost any musician or any kind of music and feel at home, Scott has worked with such incredible and diverse artists such as: Joe Walsh, John Scofield, Dan Aykroyd (now THAT’S great bass…), philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, one of a kind flamenco vocal genius Concha Buika, legendary jazz saxophonist James Moody, jazz guitar original Kurt Rosenwinkel, Philip Bailey (EW&F), classical soprano star Anne Sofie von Otter, Bill Evans, blues guitarist Robben Ford, Alan Elliott, Jimmy Earl, Gary Willis, WDR Big Band, Serj Tankian (System of a Down), David Holmes & The Free Association, Joe Zawinul, Danny Carey (Tool), Norrbotten Big Band, Tim Hagans, Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report), Bob Belden, Nicholas Payton & Sonic Trance, the Matthew Garrison trio, and the fusion group Uncle Moe’s Space Ranch with guitarist T. J. Helmerich and drummer Dennis Chambers. To name just a few.

Scott has also produced songs or albums by:
The Manhattan Transfer (The Chick Corea Songbook), Philip Bailey (“Soul On Jazz”), Joe Zawinul (“Faces and Places”), Tim Hagans (Imagination:Animation and Re-Animation – both Grammy Nominated) Tribal Tech (2012’s “X”, Reality Check, Thick, Rocket Science),Gary Willis (Bent and LTL) and James Moody (“Homage”).

He has also played on major Hollywood soundtracks such as:
Ocean’s Eleven, Code 46, Stander, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, The Girlfriend Experience, Smokin’ Aces, Brown Sugar, Analyze That, Ocean’s Twelve and Ocean’s Thirteen, Bob Odenkirk’s Let’s Go To Prison and 2013’s Haywire.

Scott Mixes and Masters cd’s as well as hi-res content for the iTunes+ (MFiT) protocol.
He can master yours! Please enquire!

Scott endorses Nord Keyboards, CME XKey37, Keith McMillen Instruments, Dave Smith Instruments, Arturia, Roli Seaboard and Lauten Audio Microphones.

A word from the critics:

Scott Kinsey has taken the language of the synthesizer to the highest level in our modern times as he is the first generation of keyboardists who developed electronically as opposed to the acoustic-centric classic piano model.
-Bob Belden

Kinsey doesn’t just blow incredible solos or lay down perfect voicings; with the sounds he dials in, every note is a three dimensional adventure. – Ernie Rideout, Keyboard Magazine, January ‘99.

Tribal Tech’s secret weapon remains keyboardist Kinsey, who not only adds harmonic meat with his richly provocative choral voicings, hip comping and counterpoint melodies but also stands as one of the most creative and unpredictable synth soloists around. He is always looking to push the envelope. – Bill Milkowski 2000

Kinsey, perhaps in compensation for his inhuman chops quotient, has now established himself as an innovator for incorporating the human element, in the form of sampled vocals—pitched, unpitched, sung, spoken or screamed—into his custom-programmed sonic voice. – Phil DiPietro, All About, 2004

Scott Kinsey: Near Life Experience

Scott Kinsey (Synthesizer, Piano and Vocoder);Steve Tavaglione (Alto, Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute); Seamus Blake (Tenor Saxophone)Judd Miller (Evi) ; Martin Ptak (Trombone); Michael Landau (Electric Guitar); Kirk Fletcher (Electric Guitar); Lalah Hathaway (Vocals); Arto Tunçboyaciyan (Vocals); Jason Joseph (Vocals); Maalem Hamid El Kasri(Vocals); Maalem Hassan Boussou (Vocals); Matthew Garrison (Bass); Jimmy Earl (Bass); Hadrien Feraud (Bass);Tim Lefevbre (Bass); Hassan Boussou (Guimbri); Arto Tunçboyaciyan (Percussion); Brad Dutz (Percussion); Aloke Dutta (Tabla); Yéyé Kanté (Djembe, Kalimba) Rhani Krija (Percussion)Aly Keita (Balifon); Gary Novak (Drums); Danny Carey (Drums); Kirk Covington (Drums); Cyril Atef (Drums);Gergo Borlai (Drums);Karim Ziad (Drums)

Near Life Experience is Keyboard whiz Scott Kinsey’s sophomore solo album after Kinesthetics, released almost 10 years ago in 2006. Considered by many to be Tribal Tech’s secret weapon, Scott either penned or co-wrote nine out of the twelve tunes on the record. Near Life Experience features a terrific version of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues featuring Jason Joseph on vocals as well as the amazing Lalah Hathaway who contributes some incredible wordless vocal improvising on Siya, an element of her artistry seldom heard. The terrific 12 track album features a long list of A-Listers who bring their best to the game; Michael Landau, Kirk Fletcher on guitar, Gary Novak, Danny Carey, Kirk Covington, Gergo Borlai, Karim Ziad on the drums, long time collaborator Matthew Garrison, Jimmy Earl, and Hadrein Feraud on bass along with Arto Tuncoboyacian among others on percussion. While Scott certainly pays homage to his friend and guru Joe Zawinul in moments, he more importantly carves out his own unique and definitive voice like never before, as highlighted on the explosive title track on the album.


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